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Today it is essential to excel in many sectors, especially for men it is becoming increasingly important to be able to showcase their aesthetic characteristics.

So I think that this is the case with regard to the size of the best part too: the penis.

Films and fashion catalogues present "the ideal man" who, in my experience, is always quite disconcerting in size.

Since at an early age I was already able to see, through direct comparison, that I was "blessed" by nature with an average size of the penis that, if excited, reaches just 14 centimetres, I soon began to try anything possible: special foods or other household remedies that should have contributed to increasing the size of the penis.

However, to my regret, nothing worked and this of course helped to put me under increasing pressure, so I started to lose confidence in myself. As much with my girlfriend as in the various stories they told, I felt like a total slap in the bed, and so I looked for other possibilities to deal with this dilemma in some way. I knew that the problem could also be solved with a surgery, but apart from the fear I had for an intervention of this kind, I couldn't quite afford it because the price exceeded my economic possibilities.

Thanks to a friend's advice, I finally found the product I was able to try relatively soon: Titan Penis Gel. Before I bought, I went to my urologist once again to talk to him about the product, and he strongly recommended Titan Gel and advised me to try it out, which I did. He told me to make sure I buy the gel on the official website because many retailers offer fake products (here you can find the original Titan Gel).

Initially I was afraid that I could not proceed with the payment with a certain discretion, or that there was some unscrupulous company behind it: in my youth I had already been the victim of some traps of this kind and every time I was very angry. But my doctor assured me that it was not a good idea to have these fears, which proved to be completely unfounded, fortunately.

Below I would like to leave a small review on Titan Penis Gel.

Titan Penis Gel was studied for the most unfortunate souls like me: men whose penis does not exceed 18 centimeters in length, who therefore have a medium or small penis (later I found out that, according to some statistics, only one percent of men has a penis longer than 20 centimeters, and I had always thought I was the only one!).

My doctor said that the elongation of the gel would be revealed in just two weeks. I could not believe it. Would a problem that I had been having for decades now be solved in two weeks? It couldn't be so simple!

First of all, I read the instructions on the packaging: apparently Titan Gel was first launched on the market by Canadian scientists and proved to be successful. The main ingredient of the product is buffhanolide, which comes from a rare species of frog. I was amazed: it contained neither chemicals nor strange components and seemed to be produced in a completely natural way! I thought about it: it seemed really better, for example, than compression through the microsurgery methods offered for 3000 euro.

According to the reported data, the best results had been observed in men between 18 and 35 years of age, so I was happy to be back in the target group, since I was 30 years old at that time.

I was sceptical at the beginning, but since my mood threatened to be overturned again because of this particular problem, I decided to try. I was told that maybe even one or two centimetres was enough, and I could also pay comfortably via PayPal on the official website.

It is said that by uniting the member, the buffhanolide makes the erectile tissue grow a few millimetres, so I have not waited any longer and began, as recommended, the procedure of spreading the cream every day.

For a Titan Gel tube, I paid 33 euros and my doctor advised me to use three or four tubes. After all, I was reassured that if the product did not work, I would not have split my head for spending as much money as for an operation.

After about 14 days I had the chance to see the result when, like every morning, I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror to measure the length: it had grown just two centimetres in size and length! I couldn't believe my luck and decided to continue the gel treatment absolutely: maybe I could get more?

After another week, the

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